- Top Quality, Local Service

  Founded by the International Sign & Printmakers Guild, SIGN.COM sells directly to consumers through its web site, Utilizing independent Guild members who adhere to the highest quality and service standards, SIGN.COM provides consumers with local delivery of signs, banners and other sign and print services.

How SIGN.COM Works

New Recurring Customers
  • SIGN.COM brings Guild members new customers, which they can turn into long-term business relationships
  • The SIGN.COM sponsor, SAi, intends to spend $3 million over the next three years advertising and promoting the site
  • SIGN.COM uniquely offers an easy, quick order process for the first-time wide-format consumer 
  • SIGN.COM routes orders to the Guild network, which includes print-ready files and job order details

Local Guild Fulfillment Network
  • All orders from SIGN.COM are routed to the ten closest Guild network members for fulfillment
  • Guild network members see all new available SIGN.COM orders and details in their SAi Flexi Cloud Window
  • Any Guild network member can accept or ignore new orders. The first Guild member to accept the order gets it -- you only get the business you want
  • Local Guild network members have one hour to accept each new order, then the order is made available to other members in a growing area around the customer
  • If no shop nationally accepts the order within a business day, then the order is routed to Guild members contracted for overflow fulfillment

National Pricing
  • Consumer prices on SIGN.COM are based on national research and recommendations from the Guild Advisory Board
  • To be competive with well-established national online sellers of signage, SIGN.COM will have national pricing
  • After accepting an order, Guild Members can (and in our opinion should) contact the customer to add additional services, like local installation and delivery

Cost to Guild Members
  • Guild members pay no fees for the introduction to new customers until they accept an order through SIGN.COM
  • SIGN.COM charges consumers and pays Guild members for order after fulfillment and customer acceptance
  • Guild members receive full price for each order, less the Guild fee of 20%
  • In addition for 2013, the credit card processing fees are paid for by the Platinum SIGN.COM sponsor, SAi